The Luxembourg Capital Markets Association

The Luxembourg Capital Markets Association (LuxCMA) represents the common interests of all stakeholders of the primary capital markets industry of Luxembourg.

Its mission: promote Luxembourg's capital markets; provide networking and collaboration opportunities; and foster innovation in the industry.

LuxCMA's goal is to become the single point of contact for authorities, associations, market practitioners and other actors.

LuxCMA, constituted on 1 March 2019, is as a not-for-profit association (a.s.b.l.).

The association`s offices are located at 6 rue Jean Monnet, L-2180 Luxembourg.

It is managed by a Board and an Executive Board, composed of:

  • Chair: Julie Becker (Luxembourg Stock Exchange)
  • Vice-Chair: Gaëlle Attardo (TMF Group)
  • Secretary: Frank Mausen (Allen & Overy)
  • Treasurer: Holger von Keutz (PwC)

In addition to the Executive Board, the following members have been elected to the Board during the constitutional meeting: BCEE, Clearstream, Clifford Chance, Elvinger Hoss Prussen, E&Y, Intertrust, Linklaters, LuxCSD and Société Générale Luxembourg.

LuxCMA has established four Working Groups (WG) and four Task-Forces (TF). The main goal of the association is to bring all players in the primary capital markets around the table and materialize their common interests. In particular, LuxCMA will focus on facilitating the access to a wide network of capital market professionals; exchanging views about the future of the industry; sharing best practices with peers; sharing the latest information concerning legal and regulatory developments; setting market standards and providing input for capital markets sector proposals in cooperation with other industry associations, thereby influencing future policy-making.

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