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The Luxembourg Capital Markets Association ("LuxCMA") represents the common interests of all stakeholders of the primary capital markets industry of Luxembourg.

Its mission: promote Luxembourg's capital markets, provide networking and collaboration opportunities, and foster innovation in the industry.

LuxCMA's goal is to become the single point of contact for authorities, associations, market practitioners and other actors.


LuxCMA, constituted on 1 March 2019, is as a not-for-profit association (a.s.b.l.).

The association`s offices are located at 6 rue Jean Monnet, L-2180 Luxembourg.

In addition to the Executive Board, composed of:

the following members have been elected to the Board at the occasion of the Annual General Assembly held on 28 June 2022: Clearstream, Clifford Chance, EY Luxembourg, GSK Stockmann, Linklaters, LuxCSD, Sanne, Simmons & Simmons and Spuerkeess.

13 MARCH 2023



On behalf of the #LuxCMA and its members, we are pleased to welcome one new member that has joined our community in March 2023. We are truly delighted to have Global Serve Luxembourg on this journey! It is exciting to be working with this new member closely in the future times to come! 

Welcome back Alexandra Fantuz!

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The main goal of LuxCMA is to bring all players in the primary capital markets around the table and materialize their common interests.

Therefore, LuxCMA has established 8 Working Groups (WG) and Task Forces (TF) which are split into different sub-groups. The WG/TF usually have up to two sponsors and co-chairs and rely on the support and expertise of our associations´s members. 

In particular, LuxCMA focuses on facilitating the access to a wide network of capital market professionals, exchanging views about the future of the industry, sharing best practices with peers, sharing the latest information concerning legal and regulatory developments, setting market standards and providing input for capital markets sector proposals in cooperation with other industry associations, thereby influencing future policy-making.

09 FEBRUARY 2023


Best Practice | Annual Securitisation Vehicles Reporting Deadlines

You’re still unsure of precisely what you must disclose and when – it is high time to figure it out!

Luckily, you don’t have to pull an all-nighter trying to make sense of it. In this timeline, our Best Practice I management & Corporate Governance sub-group has listed what you have to disclose and when to make sure you’re compliant with the annual reporting deadlines for securitisation vehicles
What you have to do and when? Let´s have a look!


LuxCMA is Luxembourg’s first association exclusively focused on the capital markets industry

Being a member of LuxCMA gives you access to the intelligence, resources and services your company needs to capitalize on the opportunities and challenges that are driving your business.

All our members actively contribute to the success of our association and we welcome all interested parties to become a part of LuxCMA.


LuxCMA may have some interesting news during the year, so stay connected also with our LinkedIn and our YouTube channel!

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