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Executive Board

Julie Becker

LuxCMA Chair

Chief Executive Officer

Gaëlle Attardo

LuxCMA Vice Chair

Market Head Business Development

Frank Mausen

LuxCMA Secretary


Holger von Keutz

LuxCMA Treasurer



Isa Ribeiro

Executive Director

Marc Mehlen


Vanessa Muller


Andreas Heinzmann


Nicki Kayser

Managing Partner

Marco Caligaris

Chief Executive Officer

Marketa Stranska

Head of Capital Markets Luxembourg

Cathrine Foldberg Møller


Béatrice Riguidel

Team Manager – Issuer Services

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More about Luxembourg's capital markets

Capital markets provide the platform to facilitate the exchange of capital between market participants in the form of equity securities, bonds, or other financial instruments.

The European Union wants to create one single market for this capital exchange (capital markets union or CMU), aiming to get money – investments and savings – flowing across the EU so that it can benefit consumers, investors and companies, regardless of where they are located.

Luxembourg has a large and well-developed financial services sector, with a range of high-quality service providers available to arrangers and investors. This can help to ensure that arrangers and investors receive top-notch service and support.

Overall, Luxembourg’s capital markets offer a combination of stability, strong regulation and investment opportunities that can be attractive to investors looking to diversify their portfolios and access global markets.

Luxembourg (‘AAA’ rating) has grown to become an international leader in debt capital and a key financial hub for securitisation and structured finance vehicles.

It is centrally located in Europe and has a well-developed financial infrastructure, making it an attractive location for international investors. The country also has a large network of double taxation treaties, which can facilitate cross-border investments.

The Luxembourg Capital Markets Association (“LuxCMA”) represents the common interests of all stakeholders of the primary capital markets industry of Luxembourg. Its mission: promote Luxembourg’s capital markets, provide networking and collaboration opportunities, and foster innovation in the industry.

LuxCMA plays an important role in supporting the growth and development of Luxembourg’s capital markets, helping to ensure that the industry remains competitive and innovative in the global marketplace.

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