Task Force - Securitisation and ATAD


Philippe Hoss (Elvinger Hoss Prussen) / Holger von Keutz (PwC) (as Co-Sponsors)


Anja Taferner (EY Luxembourg)
Louis-Maël Cogis (Simmons & Simmons Luxembourg)
Maximilian Portenlänger (Bankhaus von der Heydt)

Task Force - Securitisation and ATAD

The main purpose of the Securitisation and ATAD Task Force is to provide guidance on the implementation of the EU Securitisation Regulation and ATAD for Luxembourg securitisation vehicles. The aim is to identify unclear topics in typical securitisation structures, discuss the issues and propose technical positions from the perspective of the market participants. The outcome will be position papers and interpretations issued by the LuxCMA. The Securitisation and ATAD Task Force intends to work closely with policy makers and other associations on common topics.

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