Task Force - Prospectus Regulation


Frank Mausen (Allen&Overy)


Paul Péporté (Allen&Overy)

Task Force - Prospectus Regulation

The Prospectus Regulation Task Force was created to closely follow the implementation in Luxembourg of the Prospectus Regulation, including relevant delegated acts and implementing national rules, as well as its practical consequences. In this regard, the Prospectus Regulation Task Force intends to mainly focus on the new obligations related to the content, format and publication of the prospectus. It is further contemplated that, by relying on the experience of its stakeholders, the Prospectus Regulation Task Force will conduct a comparative analysis of the implementation of the Prospectus rules across EU jurisdictions in order to assess the position of Luxembourg. The Prospectus Regulation Task Force would also like to offer the CSSF its assistance in connection with the recent entry into force of the new Prospectus Regulation, and, in particular, if the CSSF would consider it appropriate, to provide suggestions and recommendations on any revisions of CSSF circulars and/or Q&As that are impacted by the new rules. Lastly, the Prospectus Regulation Task Force puts significant emphasis on the development of new products and technological evolutions, such as token offerings. Therefore, the objective of this Task Force is also to assess theircompatibility of these new products and technological evolutions with the current prospectus regime in Luxembourg and the Luxembourg capital markets. The intention is to avoid negating upcoming technologies and products and to open discussions across authorities and stakeholders in this respect, evidencing the flexibility of the Luxembourg capital markets.

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