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LuxCMA Meet our members | Allen & Overy Luxembourg

Interview with Frank Mausen and Paul Péporté - Partners

Interview with Frank Mausen, Partner at Allen & Overy Luxembourg and member of the LuxCMA Executive Committee and Paul Péporté, Partner at Allen & Overy Luxembourg and chairman of the LuxCMA Task Force - Prospectus Regulation. They outline reasons for setting-up a capital markets association in Luxembourg and in particular the purpose of the Prospectus Regulation task force. 

LuxCMA Meet our members | BSP

Interview with Nuala Doyle - Partner

Interview with Nuala Doyle, Partner at BSP in the Banking & Finance and Capital Markets practice. Nuala identifies a potential change to the Luxembourg shareholder rights law which would have a positive impact on the market: the removal of the requirement for shareholders to confirm their participation in the general meeting of companies whose shares are admitted to trading on an EU Regulated Market by the record date (which is set at 14 days prior to the general meeting). Allowing instead shareholders to confirm their participation any time up until a few days before a general meeting would better serve the main purpose of this law which aims to protect the rights of shareholders and promote their engagement in these companies. Nuala also describes the advantages of using Luxembourg law for contracts dealing with financial assets.

LuxCMA Meet our members | CIBC

Interview with Thomas Pellequer - Managing Director, CEO

Interview with Thomas Pellequer, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of CIBC Capital Markets (Europe) S.A. and member of the LuxCMA Sustainable Finance Task Force. In this brief interview, Thomas explains why CIBC chose to expand its European capital markets operations in Luxembourg, following Brexit, and the value that LuxCMA provides to its members. Having joined the Sustainable Finance Task Force, Thomas speaks to the important role that financial institutions can play by investing in a more sustainable future.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Clearstream

Interview with Philippe Mueller - Head of Issuer CSD Services

Interview with Philippe Mueller, Head of Issuer CSD Services at Clearstream, sponsor and member of the Infrastructure Working group at LuxCMA. In his short interview, Philippe explains briefly what his ambitions are as a member of LuxCMA, what he wants to achieve with his working group and which main advantages he sees in the Luxembourg Capital Market.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Clifford Chance

Interview with Marc Mehlen and Steve Jacoby - Partners

Interview of Steve Jacoby, Managing Partner of Clifford Chance Luxembourg together with Marc Mehlen, Partner at Clifford Chance and member of the LuxCMA´ board. They highlight the role of the association, the major trend of digital future for the capital markets industry and the opportunities and strengths of capital markets in Luxembourg.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Deloitte Luxembourg

Interview with Laurent Collet - Partner

Interview with Laurent Collet, Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg and member of the LuxCMA Infrastructure Working Group. In three short questions and answers, Laurent Collet outlines why the work of LuxCMA is important, what challenges the global capital markets industry is facing today and what might be the digital trends for the future.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Elvinger Hoss Prussen

Interview with Philippe Hoss - Partner

Interview with Philippe Hoss, Partner at Elvinger Hoss Prussen and Sponsor of the Securitisation and ATAD Task Force at LuxCMA. Main purposes of the LuxCMA Securitisation and ATAD Task Force: Provide guidance on the implementation of the EU Securitisation Regulation and ATAD, identify unclear topics in typical securitisation structures, discuss the issues and propose technical positions from the perspective of the market participants and work closely with policy makers and other associations on common topics.

LuxCMA Meet our members | EY Luxembourg

Interview with Oliver Cloess - Partner

Interview with Oliver Cloess, LuxCMA Board Member and Partner at EY Luxembourg with responsibility for securitization and structured finance audit.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Linklaters LLP Luxembourg

Interview with Nicki Kayser - Partner

Interview with Nicki Kayser, Partner at Linklaters LLP Luxembourg and sponsor of the Sustainable Finance Task Force at LuxCMA. Main missions of the Task Force: The main purpose of the Sustainable Finance Task Force is to: - identify and promote sustainable finance from a capital markets perspective - support the development and growth of sustainable finance in Luxembourg and abroad.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Luther

Interview with Bob Scharfe - Partner

Interview with Bob Scharfe, Partner at Luther in Luxembourg and member of the LuxCMA's Sustainable Finance Task Force. Bob Scharfe outlines the opportunities and strenghts of Luxembourg's future of capital markets sector in two domains: Digitalization, namely the Luxembourg Bill of Law 7637 that recognizes the possibility to issue dematerialized securities through distributed ledger technology ESG and green financial instruments, key financial tools to tackle the current sanitary crisis and climate change.

LuxCMA Meet our members | LuxCSD

Interview with Patrick Georg - CEO

Interview with Patrick Georg, CEO of LuxCSD and member of the Best Practice – Management & Corporate Governance Working Group at LuxCMA. In a few words, Patrick explains what LuxCMA can offer, which main advantages he thinks Luxembourg has in terms of Capital Market and what conclusions can be drawn from the COVID-crisis with regard to Green bonds.

LuxCMA Meet our members | Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Interview with Julie Becker - Deputy CEO

Interview with Julie Becker, Deputy CEO, Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Chair of LuxCMA. In three questions and answers, Julie explains her vision for the capital markets industry in Luxembourg, how LuxCMA can make a difference and the ambitions of the association.

LuxCMA Meet our members | NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg

Interview with Josée Weydert - Partner

Interview with Josée Weydert, Partner at NautaDutilh Avocats Luxembourg in the Banking & Finance and Capital Markets Practice. In this video, Josée describes the services the firm provides to capital market players, the benefits and opportunities offered by LuxCMA and the importance of supporting green investment products.

LuxCMA Meet our members | PwC Luxembourg

Interview with Holger Von Keutz - Partner

Interview with Holger Von Keutz, Partner at PwC Luxembourg. Every good project starts with a nice conversation and people willing to solve a common challenge. That's precisely what Holger von Keutz, partner and securitisation leader at PwC Luxembourg tells you in this video: the story of how LuxCMA was created, how it is organised and what his current role is in the organisation.

LuxCMA Meet our members | TMF Luxembourg

Interview with Gaelle Attardo - Head of Capital Markets

Interview with Gaelle Attardo, Head of Capital Markets at TMF Luxembourg - Vice-Chair, sponsor of the Marketing group and participant in various working groups of the LuxCMA. In a few words, Gaelle exposes her involvement in the LuxCMA, her collaboration with the marketing group and share her view on the benefits for members and especially service providers to join the LuxCMA.

LuxCMA Meet our members | von der Heydt

Interview Maximilian Portenlänger - Head of Securitisation

Interview with Maximilian Portenlänger, Head of Securitisation at von der Heydt. Maximilian is frequently participating on discussions about securitisation, tokenisation and disruptive solutions in finance. He is an active Member of LuxCMA and represents von der Heydt at TSI, a diversified network of experts of the structured finance industry.

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