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LuxCMA webinar | Sustainable Finance (Part 1): 
The rising stars within sustainable finance products

Our first webinar dedicated to sustainable finance focused on the rising stars within sustainable finance products: sustainable-linked bonds, Covid-19 related bonds, EU GBS aligned bonds and transition bonds.

During this session orchestrated by the masterful hand of Chiara Caprioli, Business Development Manager at Luxembourg Stock Exchange, our speakers Aila Aho, Executive Sustainability Adviser at Nordea and TEG EU GBS Subgroup Chair, Tom Meuwissen, General Manager Treasury at NWB Bank and Farnam Bidgoli, Head of Sustainable Bonds at HSBC have explored how new products are enhancing the sustainable finance “catalogue”, looked at what makes these new products attractive for both issuers and investors, and debunked common misconceptions around sustainable finance products.

In case you missed it, the webinar recording will be soon available.

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LuxCMA webinar | Blockchain 
– Digitalization vs. tokenization: synergy or opposition?

Our second webinar focused on practical aspects of #digitalization and #tokenization in the public and Luxembourg capital markets landscape. 

Moderated by Arnaud Delestienne, Director of International Capital Markets at Luxembourg Stock Exchange, our speakers Laurent Marochini, Head of Innovation at Société Générale, Biba Homsy, independent lawyer and national expert on Blockchain, Emilie Allaert, Head of Operations and Projects at The LHoFT - Luxembourg House of Financial Technology, Raja Palaniappan, Co Founder & CEO at Origin Markets and Laurent Kratz, CEO at NEOFACTO exchanged their views on what digitalization and tokenization can bring to capital markets, considering whether they should be considered as compatible or, on the contrary, competing tools to make financial markets more efficient.

What are the opportunities on which the Luxembourg capital market should focus on? In case you missed it, the webinar recording is now available.

#LuxCMA #LuxCMAWebinars  #digitalization #tokenization



LuxCMA webinar | Blockchain - Legal framework and practical aspects

We are looking back at a thought-provoking first LuxCMA webinar marking our first anniversary! We would like to thank all speakers, Philippe Noeltner (Allen & Overy), Elisabeth Omes (Elvinger Hoss Prussen), Laurent Collet (Deloitte Luxembourg) and Stéphane Blemus (Société Générale - Forge) and attendees for making this a success.

Our special thanks go to our guest speaker, Luxembourg Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna, who spoke about the new action plan for the Capital Markets Union, the complexity of Brexit, and the importance of a modernised legal framework, digital innovation and Sustainable Finance in strengthening and diversifying the Luxembourg economy.

Minister Gramegna stressed the crucial role that capital markets play in the recovery from the crisis and called for innovation and sustainability to be the driving forces of the industry.

Our first webinar was dedicated to #Blockchain technology and the relevant laws. The aim of the webinar was to cover the legal and practical impacts of the Luxembourg Bill 7637 on the Luxembourg capital market landscape.

In case you missed it, the webinar recording is now available.

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LuxCMA Event Late Summer Drinks

Thank you to everyone that attended, on 2 October 2019, the LuxCMA - Luxembourg Capital Markets Association "Late Summer Drinks" inauguration event at #PwCLuxembourg.

LuxCMA´s Chairperson Julie Becker welcomed more than 80 people talking about the capital market in Luxembourg and the importance of having this association in place.

It was LuxCMA´s first event to celebrate their incorporation earlier this year and to thank all our members and working group participants for their contribution for the success of #LuxCMA.  

#LuxCMA #capitalmarkets #Luxembourg #ATAD #PD3

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